Use New Texture or Tender Headed Relaxer to slightly alter the curl pattern and maintain volume to transition between straight and naturally curly styles.

Rod Set Style with 3 n 1 Design Lotion

1. Begin with clean wet hair

2. Using a wide tooth comb, detangle hair from end to root

3. Section hair into 4 parts (as if you were making 4 ponytails). Spray each section with Vitale Pro 3n1 Design Lotion (so that hair doesn’t dry) use your comb to distribute it evenly throughout. And pin hair out of the way using hair clips

4. Begin on the back left side. Start at nape of the neck, part a small section of hair using a rat tail comb

5. Use end papers.

6. To begin rolling, start at the end, and roll hair up the rod pulling as you go to keep roots fairly straight

7. Secure rod at root by fastening

8. Repeat steps 2-8 until the entire head is complete

9. Allow to dry or sit under hooded dryer for until completely dry

10. Removing the perm rods carefully to avoid altering the curl. Remove one rod at a time in a spiraling manner.

11. When all the rods are removed, mist the hair with Vitale Pro Shinning Mist for added shine

Bantu Knots with Vitale Pro Vita Gel

Divide into manageable sections. Those with longer hair need fewer sections. Also, the curlier you want the Bantu knot out to be, the more sections you want. It’ll take some trial and error, but to start, use the same number of sections you usually use to apply gels or do twist outs.

Moisturize. Whether it’s a simple spritz of water and yummy oils or a complete co-wash, hydrate your coils! It makes it more pliable and it will hold the shape of the Bantu knot better.

Detangle or smooth out your hair. This is optional, as some naturally curlies don’t use hair tools, or your hair may simple be very relaxed or tangle-free already. This step is just to ensure you get a smooth, shiny curl and that your ends look neat. Hair should just be damp, not sopping wet. Otherwise, it will take forever to dry!

Apply Vita Gel. I suggest something with medium hold, because crunchy Bantu knots are a pain to fluff out the next day! Here are some styler suggestions. Smooth the product down from root to tip.

Roll-twist each section of hair and wind it on top of itself. The goal is to create tiny buns (they’re not really “knots”) on top of your head. Once you get to the end of the rolled section, you can tuck it under the Bantu knot and the pressure should keep it in place. If not, use a bobby pin or hair pin to keep it from unraveling.

The take down

Lightly lubricate your hands with Vitale Pro Shinning Gloss. This will prevent frizz if you’re a bit rough taking down the Bantu knots.

Gently unravel each Bantu knot.

Twist Out with

Twist outs are one of the most flattering and beautiful natural hair styles. You know you've done it right when it has shine, bounce, and great definition!

First, you need a fresh clean head of natural hair! Whether your texture is kinky, curly or wavy, cleansing and conditioning is the first step. Use a moisturizing shampoo like the Vitale Pro Resurrect Shampoo to get your tresses clean without stripping the natural oils. Next, make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner like the Vitale Pro Quench Conditioner.

After a good rinse, towel dry, and detangle, nourish your scalp. It keeps it healthy while keeping dryness at minimum. Try the Vitale Pro Botanical Oil for this job. Thoroughly moisturize your strands from root to tips. Make sure to concentrate on your ends since they tend to become drier first. Depending on your curl pattern or preference, you'll use the Vitale Pro 3 n 1 Design Lotion, Strand Design Foam, Vita Gel or Hi-Protein Gel.

1. Section your hair. This is going to depend on the style you're after. For smaller more defined curls, use smaller sections. For bigger wave-like curls, section the hair in a few larger twists. The direction you want your twists to fall is the direction you'll section your hair. Hydrate each section with Vitale Shinning Mist before you begin twisting; prevent tangles and dryness as you go. You may also add a touch more of the moisturizing styling product of your choice.

2. Twist it Out! Grab a section in the back of the hair. Starting at the top of that section near the scalp, make two even sections like you're creating another. This is the same process you use in doing cornrows, only you're using two parts of hair instead of three. Begin twisting the strands together making sure to incorporate more hair into the bottom section as you make your way down.

Keep twisting until you reach the end. When you're done twisting, twirl the very end around your index finger to create a little curl. I do this for my twist-outs for a little added curl at the end. Finish each section like this, being sure to twist in the direction you want your hair to fall.

Before you can enjoy your twist-out, they have to dry. If you twisted your hair in the evening, carefully wrap with a silk scarf and you'll be good to go in the morning.

3. Style it. Once your hair is dry, it’s time to release the twists! With a touch of oil or serum on your fingers begin carefully pulling the twists apart, starting from the tips to the root. Your curls should have definition as you unravel.

Continue pulling apart the sections. When you're done, you can play around it with it! Pull the sections where you want them to lay. Finish with a bit more oil or serum and you've just achieved the perfect twist out!

Remember to keep your style fresh and beautiful with the Vitale Shinning Mist daily.