Razor Cut Technique

• Divide hair into even sections-part hair vertically down the middle and again horizontally about halfway down the back of the head. Pin up the top two halves and leave the bottom one free. This is where you'll start the razoring.

• Hold the razor lightly. Less is more to begin with. You can always go back and cut more. Use a fine-toothed comb to pull up the hair at about a 45-degree angle and slide the razor in short, choppy motions (also held at a 45-degree angle) down the ends of the hair. Be careful to move your comb and fingers as you work your way down to the tips.

• Work your way up through the back of your head, and then begin work on the sides. If you have short hair, you can layer pieces at the top of the head as long as they're covered by more, unrazored hair. Do it very lightly and you can increase volume at the crown.

• You can repeat the same procedure on the sides and the bangs. Just remember to go lightly and don't texturize all the hair - only pieces - until it looks like what you had in mind.