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Triple Blend Reconstructor Shampoo


Triple Blend Reconstructor Shampoo

LTriple Blend Reconstructor, The Hair Rebuilder, uses keratin to reinforce hair’s molecular bonds, enhance its health, and seal cuticles. A special blend of fiber-strengthening proteins, honey, and wheat bond to damaged areas inside and outside of the hair shaft. Designed for all relaxed and damaged hair, it strengthens and moisturizes internally, and constructs and smooths externally. Usage: Apply a small amount of Triple Blend Reconstructor to hair and allow to process for ten minutes Rinse with warm water, towel-blot. If hair is in need of intense moisturization apply Super Conditioner as Step 5. This is the 32 fl oz application. Also available in 128 fl oz.


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Nedra Locke - May 20, 2016:

I live in Kansas and I cannot find any of your products in my area. I’m not a stylist but I had a stylist that used your products on my hair and I really like it. I have been using Kera Care products but I like your line of shampoo, conditioners and hi-protein hair gel MUCH better.

. I get my hair care products from Beauty Brands, but they don’t sell any of your products. How can I purchase your products?

Joyce Greene - May 23, 2016:

I love your products; Ms.Green came to the Netherlands Antilles, to teach us about the product. Since then I have never used anything else. Keep up the good work. Salon owner Joyce Greene.

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