Get To Know Vitale Pro CONDITIONERS

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  • $3.00

    Quench Moisturizing Conditioner

    The solution for thirsty hair, Quench Moisturizing Conditioner provides therapy to dry hair by restoring essential oils and retaining moisture. It is electrolytically balanced to improve the natural sheen, flexibility, and elasticity of hair. This is the 12 fl oz application. This item is MARKED DOWN because it has been discontinued.

  • $1.48

    Super Conditioner

    The innercellular conditioning treatment, Super Conditioner directly and deeply moisturizes hair while improving natural sheen. It increases elasticity and flexibility and restores essential oils. Super Conditioner detangles, softens, and adds liveliness to hair.

  • $7.71

    Leave-In Styling Conditioner

    Leave in conditioner today; help keep split ends away. Leave-In & Styling Conditioner combines vitamins and hair-nourishing proteins to form a lightweight, alcohol-free lotion, giving styling freedom to all hair textures. It maintains the cortex and conditions the cuticle, smoothing frizziness. Because it is water-soluble, Leave-In & Styling Conditioner will not build up on hair, allowing it to look natural and swing with rhythm.