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    Today's Beauty Professional

    Requires the best for today's more intelligent consumer client. Learn More.

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    Each Vitale Pro Product

    Is formulated to work together, congruently with every other product in the professional product line. Learn More.

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    Nothing But The Best..,

    The entire professional line of products is manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients. Learn More.

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    Tested, Tried & True

    Each product is subjected to a strinous, double-blind, laboratory testing regiment. Learn More.

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    Magic or Science..?

    There's a little bit of both at work in the Vitale Professional line of products. .

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    High Definition Hair

    Today's Beauty Professional has at it's finger-tips, the most technologically advanced tools available.. .

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    Technologically Advanced

    It stands to reason, that expectations are just as high, when it comes to the product that leads the way. Learn More.

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    The Clear Choice

    For the serious professional - and the ONLY choice for competitors. Learn More.

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    The Student Graduates -

    More newly licensed cosmotology school graduates select Vitale Professional products than any other brand available. Learn More.

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Enjoy FREE Shipping on all orders over $50 when you make a purchase in the Vitale PRO SHOP. When you add that to the many sales, specials and discounts packed together for you as a MEMBER - you'll more fully appreciate why Vitale Pro is the professional's choice! ..So, STOCK UP!

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