Dear Hair Care Professional,

You’ve spent a career learning the art of hair care. And we, as pioneers in hair care science for ethnic textures, have worked hard to make your clients’ hair strong, soft and healthy. AFAM Concept, inventors of the first Lithium Hydroxide Relaxer, Tender Headed, brings hair care into the 21st century with Vitale Pro. Each of the five Vitale Pro relaxers are formulated for differences in scalp sensitivity, desired hair texture, condition of hair and prior chemical treatments. All five relaxers give your clients. a comfortable hair relaxing experience without prolonged processing times. Vitale Pro manages and supports healthy hair with a comprehensive package of products as individual as your clients are with high performance shampoos, conditioners, wet styling and finishers all formulated with natural ingredients.

AFAM Concept’s proud distributors, researchers and key staff whom are all licensed cosmetologists are committed to providing superior hair care products, product support and education. This means that Vitale Pro products were designed as a result of the everyday needs of our own experience with clients just like yours. We would enjoy hearing from you about any questions you may have about Vitale Pro products. A specialized, highly trained team standing behind exceptional products is the Vitale Pro Advantage.


LaCresia Simpson,

Director of Education and Creative Services, AFAM Concept Inc.

A Little Off The Top

Team Member

LaCresia Simpson

Director of Education and Creative Services, AFAM Concept Inc.

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How We Serve You

We listen to you

JF Labs Inc. is committed to serving you and helping you stand out among the competition.

• Research and Development. Each product we offer at JF Labs Inc. originated from a client concern or need. We actively solicit your ideas and actually listen to you. We formulate and manufacture specifically what speaks to you. And then we make it better. You receive the products you want and the support you expect.

• Earning Loyalty. We strive to earn your loyalty for the long haul. We want you to feel comfortable voicing questions about the four Ps -- product, price, place, and promotion. No detail is too small, and we will pay attention to you.

• Profiting From Responsibility. With every transaction, we ask if we fulfilled our responsibility to you. Delivering on our promises builds trust with you and, in turn, helps you build trust with your clients. Our business depends on your feedback. Please do not hesitate to call toll free
800-262-2326 / 773-838-1336 international or e-mail
with your comments.

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How We Help You Win

In The Marketplace

• Acknowledge Risk. When you ask for a proposal on a new product, we base our data on diligent research which we openly share with you.

• Benchmark Performance. We consider the other best-known names in the beauty industry as our competition. By befriending and measuring ourselves against the top performers, we are always improving and growing. We take our desire to be number one in the ethnic beauty market straight to your business. Tell us about your business goals, and we will help you.
• Lead With Integrity. We endeavor to consistently represent ourselves as positive role models. Together, with you the client, our successful businesses can help all members of our communities aspire to achieve and serve others. We Care About Our Distributors - "unauthorized professional beauty supply outlets" We want to help increase your sales by supplying products we can both be proud of. As such, we conduct regular shelf sweeps at unauthorized beauty supply outlets to remove imposter products. Our distributor partners all possess a track record against diversion and refuse to allow it in their markets. We take ethics seriously and terminate fraudulent distributors, both sole proprietors and salons. If you have information about diversion in your market, please call:
800-262-2326 ext. 123.

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Stop Diversion

Increase Your Sales

What Is Diversion?

Increase Your Sales and Enhance Your Salon Experience:
Stop Diversion -
When you see JF Labs Inc. products outside of an authorized salon, we consider them “diverted.” Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted, or even expired and therefore unsafe. We can’t guarantee the authenticity of our products when purchased from unapproved distributors. Anti-diversion isn’t just about legalese. When you know the source of the products you offer, you ensure their performance level and maintain your business reputation. Most importantly, you protect the safety of your clients. This is why JF Labs Inc. products are salon-exclusive.
You’re in the business of personal care and beauty enhancement. Safeguard your brand and customer experience by using products with predictable results. If you know a salon that needs information about becoming an authorized distributor, please refer us the contact information - We are always happy to answer questions and meet potential distributors.
Register online with AFAM Concept, Inc. to replenish your product supply anytime, anywhere. We will save your billing information and order history to make future purchases convenient. Online registration benefits you in a number of ways.

Our Mission

Welcome to AFAM Concept, a division of JF Labs Inc. One of the Largest Ethnic Brand Manufacturers in the United States. AFAM Concept, Inc. mission is to provide you, the distributor and salon owner, branded beauty and personal care products of superior quality. For example, our flagship product line, Vitale Pro High Comfort relaxer, reduces stress on sensitive skin and harshness on hair. In addition, we aim to deliver the attention and service you deserve. We know that with the right products and reliable business relationships, you are empowered to make your clients happy, now and in the future. As such, we believe a company’s true success shows through the prosperity it brings to local communities.

About JF Labs, INC

JF Labs Inc., founded in 1994, manufactures and markets beauty and personal care products in over 50 countries around the world. JF Labs Inc. is the second-largest private-packaging manufacturer of ethnic brands. The company portfolio includes leading hair care brands Vitale Pro, Vitale and Hawaiian Silky, acquired in 2000 and 2003 respectfully, along with Leisure Brands’ Leisure Curl and Relax, Sazzy, New Life Curls, and European Silky Wrap. Employing more than 150 staff worldwide, the firm’s corporate headquarters, plant, and warehouse occupy an 180,000 s.f. facility in Chicago’s Ford City Industrial Park. JF Labs Inc. attributes its competitive position to both innovative products and long-term loyalty of partnerships and clients.

Our Commitment

Register online with AFAM Concept, Inc. to replenish your product supply anytime, anywhere. We will save your billing information and order history to make future purchases convenient. Online registration benefits you in a number of ways.

• Change your billing information and add different shipping locations.

• We verify your identity, including authenticating your password when you log in. This enhances the security of every transaction.

• If you forget your password, we can send it to your primary, registered e-mail address. In order to protect your privacy, we do not provide passwords to your e-mail addresses not on file with us or via phone.

• With a user account history, we and our affiliates can better cater to you. Affiliates help us with opening, administering, maintaining, and processing your account. They also assist us in responding to your questions, inquiries, comments, and instructions.

• Send information from our Web site to your friends using the E-mail to Friend functionality. We only temporarily collect your friend’s e-mail address and name to forward the information. They are not saved in any database.

• With full information about your preferences, we can improve our service and support to you, such as providing promotional offers and technical updates. Email Us For A Registration Form, ...Or Call, And Join The Vitale PRO Family TODAY!


Please feel free to tour our entire site. We have put many special features and fun functions in place to help ensure a pleasant and productive visit - so, feel your way around and don't be afraid to explore. This treatment was created for YOU. Any feedback will be welcome, as we will continue to effect modifications that facilitate our growing industry.

The Science of Hair

In order to give hair The Look of Elegance, The Feel of Luxury, Vitale Pro inventors studied how clients handle hair and how the hair responds. 80% of all African-American hair is characterized as either tight or super-curly. Hair health begins with understanding product use and application. Vitale Pro inventors applied knowledge of hair shaft construction during product development. Many oxidative chemical applications on the market burn cuticle layers, resulting in dehydrated, resistant hair. Understanding the hair shaft helps in deciding which Vitale Pro application to apply. Hair is composed in part of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen, and phosphorus. Some of these elements create the hard protein called keratin, the basic hair component. Each hair has three layers. The cuticle is the hair shaft’s outermost layer. It acts as a constricting band to compress and protect the hair’s soft, extendible center and comprises 15% to 30% of the hair’s total area. The cuticle works as a barrier, regulating moisture and chemical absorption. Magnified, it looks like fish scales, overlapping in up to 14 layers. A healthy cuticle creates sheen by reflecting light and inviting touch. The cuticle surrounds a complex group of molecules commonly known as the cortex. The cortex is the hair shaft’s inner layer, comprising up to 85% of total hair mass. 65% of the cortex contains spring-like proteins linked together by glue-like proteins (35% of the cortex). This protein chain forms polypeptide chains that, on a molecular level, look like long coils. On the atomic level, the polypeptide chains link together through a disulfide bond, sturdy like a rung in a ladder. The spring-like proteins, low in disulfide bonds, therefore give hair elasticity with substance and pliability. The grounding, glue-like proteins, high in disulfide bonds, are the focus of conditioning reactivity. The medulla composes the innermost layer of the hair as the marrow of the hair fiber.

The Science of Hair - Hair Relaxing for the New Millennium - Download The PDF.

After discussing hair handling and composition, how do relaxers work? How does hair styling affect relaxed hair? Vitale Pro relaxers emerged from 21st century hair research; here are some of our findings:

• The 1988 Milady standard book of cosmetology, states that two types of chemical hair relaxers used by professional cosmetologists are thio (thioglycolate, pH 9.4 to 9.6) and sodium hydroxide (pH 10 to 14). It claims the objective of these two products is the same, causing some cosmetologists to mix up these products or even refer to relaxer as “perm.”

• Have you ever heard a client say she wants to give her relaxed hair a break with braiding? Hair weaves, braids, twists and locks are techniques designed for natural hair. Relaxed hair is more sensitive to tears and splits. So, it requires different styling techniques and products for optimal health.

• Misusing hair color on top of a relaxer is a major cause of hair damage.

• Without constant maintenance, heavy backcombing, ponytails, extensions, and daily exercise routines such as swimming, place extra stress on the relaxed hair shaft.

AFAM Concept, manufacturer of Vitale Pro, places the client experience at the heart of research and development. That’s why we took the time to understand multi textural hair, both in our own salons and in the laboratory. Vitale Pro relaxers work with, not against, the molecular makeup of hair fiber. AFAM Concept develops products that help hair care professionals care for clients over the long-term.

The Training Center

Here you can take advantage of all kinds of information and tips... From the Experts. Learn from the pros, everything from color techniques to salon maintenance - from industry leaders like: Rob Willis, Barbara Green, Deborah Sullivan, Zachary Britt, Doreen Woodward and Maria Moore.